What it is to be normal

To be sane. Can sanity be achieved? Should it be defined statistically as the state of the majority?

We’ve been taught to dream, “dare to dream”, we’re encouraged to go forth and dream of things. We’ve been told we’re all beautiful and smart. We’ve been lied to. And no one tells us to be good. And that dreams are sometimes insidious chimeras robbing you of your very life, especially when dreaming trivial things that cannot be acquired. That’s not normal.

Some give it all up and die in their wake, and stay dead until they finally find rest. Bitter, they renounce and kill the self. That’s not normal.

We bow to latex, mascara and the knife, our gods are now all mineral. We’ve traded broad horizons for the pixel, we’ve collapsed into ourselves and grew hard shells. Blind to the miracle of flesh we yearn for the sublime in artificial. We’ve surrendered to the insatiable hunger of the stomach and the eye. That’s not normal.

What is? Leaving off the earth, but keeping your hands clean. Looking ahead, but not too far, not too close. Living for one’s self instead of one’s illusion. Working for a living, not the other way around. Existing in modesty and naive hope. Simply being.

Are you? Am I?

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