Netarhia is not WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc.

As previously stated, the Netarhia system was built from the ground up, occasionaly using some ready-made bricks.

Netarhia is now WordPress :). With a twist (or two).

Netarhia is “Powered by users”

Our most important resource is our users, no doubt about it. That’s why we try to keep our standards high, meaning we don’t need (who does?) nor tolerate vulgar, aggressive or plain stupid individuals having nothing significant to say.

For all the others Netarhia may become a voice and a civilized community on a web filled with useless user profiles and meaningless photos.

We think there are smart people out there, having a lot of smart things to say, that are too lazy or too busy for setting up their own blog. Netarhia offers exactly what’s needed to quickly publish your thoughts  online, with no further obligations. If you’re one of those people, Netarhia is for you. It’s these people (therefore you, too) Netarhia bases its strength upon. By writing for yourself, you write for us. You are the engine propelling Netarhia forward.


Quantity does matter, up to a point. Not so much here. Here you won’t find those social networking features everyone has got so attached to, you won’t be able to create your own social network and beat records in number of “friends”. That is plain silly.  However, you can contact any registered author and you’re able to communicate through what you write.

We’re not trying to build a community simply for the sake of it. We even consider numerus clausus. Anyway, if you’re here, be very welcome on Netarhia! Be great and we’ll take pride in you.

Persona non grata

Although powered by users, we’ll gladly rid ourselves of certain types and we have happy ban-fingers. Those missing the most elementary common sense are hereby declared persona non grata on Netarhia and will not spoil this here community for long.

Final note

If everything proceeds as planned, there will come a time when people can be proud they’re writing on Netarhia. Thank you in advance. If not, well, it’s a good ride anyway..

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