Types of ad consumers on the web

AdsenseOr, types of “victims” you can pick when advertising on your website. I’m talking about advertising that requires positive action in the form of clicks, and about who you should target with it so that the clicks will abound.

1. The Confused

It’s that (third world country) guy who just found about the “internets” from his coworkers or his own children, and goes online from his work computer, or his child’s. He’s fascinated and confused, distrusting, yet enthusiastic. He’s so candid he’s attracted by strong colors and likes sites looking as Yahoo! did ten years ago. He is utterly incapable of discerning between a link and some underlined text, let alone a link and a link within an Adsense ad. He can be an extraordinarily bright individual, but he’s simply illiterate when it comes to online culture. He’s the ideal victim for Made For Adsese (MFA) websites and one of the best for online advertising generally.

2. The Commoner

This one knows what the Internet is about, uses it regularly for work and fun, regards it as a tool like any other, or as a newspaper or interactive television, if you will, but lacks the slightest interest in the Internet per se, as a philosophy in its own right. To him, the Internet came into existence automatically, because “the world evolved”. He may be dumb as a rock or tremendously brilliant. A good “victim”, anyway. Usually this guy doesn’t refrain from following an ad by clicking on it, if he finds it interesting. In time, he can become afflicted by ad blindness. The only care you have to provide for him concerns this. The Commoners are the big fat mass that aggregates the majority on web users, therefore they provide the big fat market.

3. The Knowledgeable

This fellow certainly has at least one blog on free hosting and displays keen (if superficial) interest for what’s happening behind the curtains, while considering himself some sort of an expert, which he obviously isn’t (except compared to the Confused or Commoners). Nevertheless, he is an expert in slightly more than casual usage of the web and has enough clues to afford a critical perspective. You can squeeze some clicks out of him, but don’t bet on it.

4. The Expert

He has an ad-blocker up and running by default. He turns it off only to see what ads does the competition serve and honours your ads with the occasional click only to go on and dissect that particular advertiser, since he is usually to lazy to type the URL in the address bar. He’s so useless to you that if all your visitors would be in this category, you could easily close shop and find something else to do. This guy owns at least a full scale website and administers three others. Terms like CPC, CPA, ROI or AdManager are to him what “war”, “terrorism”, “fight”, “oil” are to George Bush. This guy is often the competition. This guy is you.

Obviously, the categories outlined here are not as firmly separated. Luckily, The Expert occasionally turns into a Commoner or even a Confused. Unfortunately, the Confused may evolve into a Commoner (a process happening often and very fast) etc.

Permanent advice

In short: if you want money from CPC, address the Commoners and their needs. They’re the biggest and most stable market.

To this here article, aimed at the web upper crust, I predict a bright future of generating revenue equal to a big, round, fat zero.

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