The thing about personal development

It’s so damn personal!

However stupefying this may seem, in light of all recent technological advances, personal development remains so darned personal.

Self betterment is still so much about the actual “self”. “Personal” and “self” continue to be the keywords here. Who’d have thought that with all this technology we’d  still have to take personal development personally? Shameful.

There are over seventy seven hundred million results for “personal development” in Google search, and over forty three hundred for “self development”. People obviously have an need to discuss it, mainly teaching it to others. Which is utterly absurd, to put it mildly.

Developing the self

It seems rather obvious to me that the only “selves” developing in this market are those selling their books on the topic. As with all things, the sheer size of material written (responding to demand) suggests the futility of it all — no one has the optimal recipe, no one really manages to actually better other ones’ selves, while everyone seems to have the knowledge and ability to shape other fellow humans so as to improve their selves to a tremendous degree.

With humans, you’d need to actually have a “self development” pill in order to succeed in your courageous enterprise of developing selves. In other words, you would need to find a way to strip the “self” in “self development” of its reflective meaning, thus rendering it passive, therefore making the whole thing as accessible as, say, any ordinary product one would be able to actually buy and use like they’d use Viagra — to become better at something they usually and miserably fail at.

Personal underdevelopment

Honestly, all of these self development schemes resemble a bit (a bit more, actually) those pen1s enlargement programs that get in the way of our online pr0n viewing experience. Except in this case the pen1s is your very own self.

Finally, it should become absolutely clear to you that the industry of developing selves is a shameless scam, and if you should  think you’re underdeveloped self-wise, well, you’d better turn off your computer now and get on to improving things yourself.

No Internet guru is going to pull it through for you. Fact.

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