Publishing terms and conditions


In order to publish your stuff, you must accept the following conditions/limitations:

  • Content in English: minimum 80% per article
  • Maximum articles / user: unlimited
  • Minimum characters / article: 250
  • Maximum characters / article: 40000
  • Minimum words / article: 50
  • Maximum links / article: no more than 10 in 100 words
  • Link targets: sites you link to must not contain unacceptable content
  • All images and media will be embeded from external sources, no upload on Netarhia alowed
  • Netarhia has the right of not accepting/deleting any user added content that we feel does not fit here, without further explanations

We believe that at least some of these limitations actually benefit most authors, because they won’t allow Netarhia to turn into a “link farm” or worse.

Unacceptable content

Unacceptable content (or content that advertises or otherwise associates with sites that display unacceptable content) shall be swiftly deleted without further explanations. See also Sanctions.

These restrictions also apply to sites your content links to (those sites must not display such content). See also Advertising.

  • pornography, racism, vulgarity, excessive violence, spam, instigation to online or offline crime, money making schemes, gambling, along with all other similar things
  • content that is absolutely irrelevant, stupid, useless and with no other value whatsoever
  • content that is repetitive, i.e. very similar articles on the very same subject (such as your own website)
  • copied/duplicated content, whether protected or not by copyright
  • other people’s content, protected by copyright
  • excessive use of capitals and punctuation
  • content that goes to far with praising oneself or one’s work like “BEST SITE EVER!!!”, “super-ultra-extra cheap webdesign”
  • horrible graphical content: screaming colors, messed-up fonts, eye-stabbing Flashes
  • black/gray-hat on-page SEO; very, very bad, punishment will be supreme.

Other interdictions

These are absolutely forbidden (like this needed to be said) and swiftly dealt with:

All hacking/cracking attempts on the site, using Javascript, MySQL injection, XSS techniques etc. using our very own editor. You’re welcome to try it by other means. Just kiddin’. You’re not. Don’t.

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