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Revenue sharing

Netarhia is offering, as an extra, the opportunity to take part in our revenue sharing program. Why so? Because even if one might, perhaps, seek other goals when publishing here, we think it’s quite civilized and friendly that we offer this feature. Optionally. Should you want it. If you don’t, just ignore this section. Therefore please take this for what it is, a bonus, or just leave it altogether (i.e. don’t go on criticizing the percent etc.).

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Free advertising

Yes, you are able to advertise for free by writing on Netarhia. Your ad is made of rel=”nofollow”-free links, with text that you choose, placed within a context that you write. Call it advertorial or call it whatever. This is the future of online advertising, if you ask us. The majority of internet users are already ad-blind to most of the other forms of online advertising.

You may even place banners or other ad images inside your article, within the boundaries of common sense (crossing those boundaries will be swiftly punished). The content you produce in this way could be(if the administrators sense it and there’s a strong commercial scent to the article) flagged as sdvertising, discreetly but visibly, so that visitors know what to expect.

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Publishing terms and conditions


In order to publish your stuff, you must accept the following conditions/limitations:

  • Content in English: minimum 80% per article
  • Maximum articles / user: unlimited
  • Minimum characters / article: 250
  • Maximum characters / article: 40000
  • Minimum words / article: 50
  • Maximum links / article: no more than 10 in 100 words
  • Link targets: sites you link to must not contain unacceptable content
  • All images and media will be embeded from external sources, no upload on Netarhia alowed
  • Netarhia has the right of not accepting/deleting any user added content that we feel does not fit here, without further explanations

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Service description

This service makes you an author of web content, whether you’re a seasoned wemaster or just a guy/girl that knows his/her way around a keyboard. This is a free service.

Why would you use this? If you’re a webmaster or already own a site, you probably say there whatever you have to say. But by giving us some quality content, we give you some good links (in fact you give them to yourself). If you’re not that web savvy, you can easily write whatever you want on Netarhia, blissfully unaware of any webhosting concerns, with no need to care for blog maintenance, categories or continuity. You’ll transform into an information freelancer and you’ll be able to do some citizen jurnalism while at it.

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Netarhia is not WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc.

As previously stated, the Netarhia system was built from the ground up, occasionaly using some ready-made bricks.

Netarhia is now WordPress :). With a twist (or two).

Netarhia is “Powered by users”

Our most important resource is our users, no doubt about it. That’s why we try to keep our standards high, meaning we don’t need (who does?) nor tolerate vulgar, aggressive or plain stupid individuals having nothing significant to say.

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We thank ourselves

Netarhia was built entirely from the ground up, using exclusively free sofware, mostly open source, with considerable effort that deserves our most warm thanks and gratitude.


Netarhia integrates some great third-party modules, most of them open source, for which we’d like to thank the authors for the tremendous work they must have put down. Netarhia uses:

  1. the absolutely fabulous WYSIWYG TinyMCE editor, courtesy of Moxiecode
  2. CodeMirrror, a very robust code editor using syntax highlighting
  3. the awesome Javascript libraries
  4. the quite effective Akismet antispam filters, together with PHP5 Akismet Class

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About Netarhia

Netarhia is the place to write and publish on the web

Hassle-free web publishing. Subscribe, log in, write, publish, communicate. As simple as that. Get to work »

Netarhia is a natively multi-user platform optimized for online content generation, acquisition, annotation, dissemination and enrichment.


Netarhia is an alternative blogging platform

Netarhia is an alternative platform for blog publishing , supporting multiple, distinct users. There is strength in numbers.

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