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Sony MDR V150 headphones – a bargain

My two year old shitty Creative headset finally gave in, after going through a “mono period” (yes, I had to rewire it following breakage of the right driver, and it came out nice, but mono). It was a mic-headphones combo one would use for instant messaging and some gaming, but would be ashamed to admit to actually listening to music through it. May it RIP.

The audiophile and amateur musician within myself organized a subsequent inner insurrection, demanding that I buy them a pair o decent headsets, once in this lifetime, for God’s sake! Naturally, I set my mind on a pair of Audio Technica ATH-M50 studio monitors, thinking they would be great for my mini-studio, also. Well, they most certainly would. Just two things: they can barely be called portable, and they’re rather expensive (over £130).

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