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Types of ad consumers on the web

AdsenseOr, types of “victims” you can pick when advertising on your website. I’m talking about advertising that requires positive action in the form of clicks, and about who you should target with it so that the clicks will abound.

1. The Confused

It’s that (third world country) guy who just found about the “internets” from his coworkers or his own children, and goes online from his work computer, or his child’s. He’s fascinated and confused, distrusting, yet enthusiastic. He’s so candid he’s attracted by strong colors and likes sites looking as Yahoo! did ten years ago. He is utterly incapable of discerning between a link and some underlined text, let alone a link and a link within an Adsense ad. He can be an extraordinarily bright individual, but he’s simply illiterate when it comes to online culture. He’s the ideal victim for Made For Adsese (MFA) websites and one of the best for online advertising generally.

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Public micro-blogging is exactly the crap that was missing for an even more irrelevant web in an even more hysterical world.

Who doesn’t need such useful information and insight:

11:45 just crapped. you?


11:47 wiped ass. you?

11:48 forgot. any one knows what’s a kundera?

And this is the mankind you get high hopes about. If you’re a raging lunatic, maybe.

Instead of private blogging, how about, hm, email? Or IM, maybe? Nah, those are so passeé, darling.

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Comments to your articles

As you’re already accustomed on the world wide web, nowadays pretty much everything can (and will) be commented on, on the same medium, and you writings are no exception. The good news is that you have total control over comments on your works and over visitors that post those comments on your Netarhia writings. Comments on your articles and books, and even on your profile are enabled by default.

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Replying is democracy

Netarhia offers a not-so-common replying system, which is only partly innovative, it’s more of a twist of things that are already there on the today’s web, and its originality gains substance expressly within the whole of Netarhia: a democratic, yet controlled platform dedicated to publishing content by multiple authors.

Put simply, feedback to what is being writen should not be limited to mere comments on the author’s page or linkbacks. Anyone possesing the interest, patience and dedication to approach the same topic, even using the reversed angle, should get the opportunity to express such thoughts in a perfectly egalitarian environment: such potential web author should be able to write a full scale reply on the same website, using the same tools, in the same conditions, with the same restrictions – the online democracy at its peak.

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Short version

Those funny looking comments you may find on your pages, with the author having a small icon to the left, those are pingbacks. You’re able to moderate them just like you would any ordinary comments.

After you’ve published an article, just hit “Ping!” in the article admin interface. Have no fear. That’ll just send pings to all links in your article (actually, to certain pages of all servers hosting content that you have linked to, but stop… this is the “short version”, after all).

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