The art of letting go is the hardest thing to muster. Letting go of that money you no longer have, of your high-school sweetheart or former partner, of your dead loved ones, of your misconceptions from last year. You cannot be wrong again in a forward-moving way unless you let go. You can only be wrong in your normal, static, unproductive, unaesthetic fashion.

The art of letting go is the easiest thing to muster. Just let go. 


New, cool things keep showing up all the time, or old things are unearthed and headed for novelty and coolness, as they’re exposed to fresh light.

Their vast majority shall be destroyed or discredited by a vast majority of superficial bastards. Their potentiality becomes the potentiality of decay. Always and forever, because there will always be bastards, and they’ll always hold majority.

This is why things can only be kept alive within oneself.


Real skill comes without effort.Li Mu Bai

Do not be brilliant. Brilliance expresses itself, sometimes against all odds, and perpetually eludes those who seek it. Don’t even try, you’ll put yourself in the position of being both ineffectual, and pathetic. Stick to your passion, and brilliance will follow, if ever, or not at all, unrelated to your struggle.

The best way to win is to not compete. Mind, this is not the same as not to participate.

We are animals


We’re all animals, in more ways than one. as a result of rather basic observations, I can no longer deny it and pretend I’m fair. In truth, most of us are no better than your average stray dog in a gutter. The glitter on our civilization is nothing more than the sign of our most elevated perversion — that of concealing our bestiality.

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Samsara (2006) Review

Samsara is a movie filled with beauty, in all its aspects, deep and wide, so make sure to watch it with your spirit, because your eyes are guaranteed satisfaction anyway.

Samsara: Satisfy One Thousand Desires or Conquer Just OneThis is the first Tibetan movie I’ve ever seen. And it blew me away. Samsara is pure art, there is not much point in discussing the cast or the story. However, regarding the story, I think Westerners are prone to overlook an aspect that actually has paramount importance. This happens if the viewer ignores the main character’s starting predicament in the epic line, and lets themselves quickly become captivated by, an tangled in, the love and life story that follows.

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The Wrestler (2008) Review

The Wrestler PosterRagged glory — words that best describe The Wrestler. The magnificent showcase of it by Darren Aronofsky (Pi, Requiem for a Dream) makes this film special, within the realm of all things so ugly that they cross-over into beauty territory.

The real America, the America that may conjure up feelings of nausea or fascination with equal ease. Wrestling, the grotesque monkey-like behavior on which the filmmaker focuses his lens: even this requires effort and sacrifice, so to speak. The genius of the film lies precisely within this subliminal, continuous utterance of “so to speak.”

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The Ultimate Weight Loss Plan

Lose weight? Nothing to it!

Well, then. You finally admitted to yourself that you might have a slight weight problem. Meaning you’re just a tad overweight. No too much, obviously. OK, maybe too much. Anyway, you’ve become aware that it’s no longer cool to just ignore the fact that the your clothes don’t fit anymore and others call you names. Like “fatty”.

You’ve got to thinking and admitted that this is actually a disease, can be compared to heart failure or cancer. Well, you’ve come to the right place! You’re about to find out about the easiest, most comfortable, dare I say pleasurable, weight loss plan out there!

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