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This service makes you an author of web content, whether you’re a seasoned wemaster or just a guy/girl that knows his/her way around a keyboard. This is a free service.

Why would you use this? If you’re a webmaster or already own a site, you probably say there whatever you have to say. But by giving us some quality content, we give you some good links (in fact you give them to yourself). If you’re not that web savvy, you can easily write whatever you want on Netarhia, blissfully unaware of any webhosting concerns, with no need to care for blog maintenance, categories or continuity. You’ll transform into an information freelancer and you’ll be able to do some citizen jurnalism while at it.

What kind of content can you create? Anything that is not unacceptable content. Anything from short announcements to full length articles (that you can always aggregate into online books), thus covering as many topics as you like.

Advantages are obvious:

  • with much less effort than setting up a blog on free hosting and in record time, you’re able to throw an article online
  • your article will be placed in root, e.g., with all the SEO consequences, not inside subdomains or subdirectories, which is sort of unprecedented, as far as we know, thus our strict rules for publishing content on Netarhia
  • you can focus strictly on content, no need to think about layout and graphics
  • you may find your text in a “good neighbourhood”, among other good writings; or you can create your own select club by grouping your own writings as online books
  • you can advertise for free
  • you can earn some money from the articles you write, through our revenue sharing program

Disadvantages may not be apparent, but we’ll put them in front of you:

  • no need to think about layout and graphics, we enforce them
  • your writings will contain our own advertising
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