RMO working pattern

Due to their very particular working schedule, involving working 168 hours per week (which is to say working 24 hours daily, 7 days), the RMO working pattern involves weeks on-duty and off-duty.

The most popular pattern appears to be two weeks on, followed by one week off. Some companies are able to arrange different rotas, such as the reverse of the previous one or one week on, one week off etc..

You should be aware that, although you sign a contract that includes your rota pattern, you may have to deal with some changes, occasionally. Also, there are special stand-by weeks in your contract, meaning you won’t necessarily be working, but you’ll be stuck in England and available for work at short notice.

The main point here is that while on-duty, you absolutely must be present at your assigned hospital. You’ll be able to do whatever you want during your weeks off.


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