RMO recruiting companies

There are a lot of them, since this seems to be quite a big market. A simple Google search will reveal the better known.

Anyway, here’s what you should look for in such a company (beyond commitment, seriousness, professionalism obviously):

  1. are they taking an at least mild personal interest in your future well-being as an RMO for them? Meaning: are they going to try to go the extra distance to make your life easier, will they really care if you miss your plane back home and try to prevent that the next time?
  2. will they pay some travelling expenses? Do they cover other expenses? Are they able to deal with the GMC properly in your behalf? Or to the Home Office?
  3. will they sweeten the contract with a nice completion bonus?
  4. do they include holiday pay?
  5. do they include penalties for premature ending of your contract (they should not)?

No matter which company you chose, don’t forget to check your contract carefully and always remember that even if you are an employee, you are a doctor and you need at least some degree of comfort to be able to properly fulfill your duties, so don’t let yourself be harassed or pushed around.

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