RMO pay and salary

This varies with the hospital you work at, but you would typically be paid about £1500-£1700 per week worked, before tax and National Insurance (NI).

After tax and NI you would be left with something between £1100-£1200 per week worked. Assuming you work a two weeks on – one week off rota, you would work three weeks per calendar month, so you will earn an after tax average of about £3300-£3600 per calendar month in which you work three weeks. This would be the equivalent of 4000-4500 Euro. Notably, you can calculate that your hourly rate is about £7, which is actually very low for a physician. So you are not well payed, you earn a lot because you amount a lot of hours. Also, rest assured: you definitely won’t actually work for 24 hours a day.

Typically, you would have one week off with holiday pay, about £130.

Also, during your stand-by week you’ll earn about £750 if you are not actually working, normal pay if you do.

Some companies offer a significant bonus (over £1000) upon successful completion of a six month contract.

In conclusion, RMO work is well worth money-wise for doctors coming from poorer countries.

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4 thoughts on “RMO pay and salary

  1. @Rozi38: That’s very nice and tidy, and spares other readers from redoing the math.

    However, you should perhaps take a look at the date this article was published, you’ll see it was at about the onset of the current financial crisis, where you got a significantly better exchange rate for the Sterling Pound on Euro, and so the calculations are more or less accurate for that date. The conscious reader, such as yourself, would obviously take the time to redo the math.

    All the best.

  2. @Paracelsus: that’s right..Currency changes 1.00 GBP=1.14606 EUR at the moment..
    thanks again..

  3. sir, please what is the current pay of RMOs in the UK after tax and national insurance on the average, and would you recommend the job for someone already in residency training in a developing country but making about 1000 pounds per month?

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