RMO in the UK

As I’ve explained in the previous chapter, the Resident Medical Officer is that doctor that actually lives within a  private UK hospital, 24/7, amounting to a total of 168 work hours per week.

In order to be able to work over the 40 hours week regulation, he/she would have to renounce that particular right and have his/her time off in separate, free weeks.

Most of the doctors currently employed as RMOs are from outside the UK. Traditionally, the South African doctors are the ones filling this posts, having the great advantage of English as their second language. Recruiting companies are also employing doctors from Europe, nowadays a lot of the doctors come from Greece, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, and more recently Romania and Bulgaria. In fact, any doctor that holds full GMC registration is able to undertake RMO work.

In the following chapters I’ll talk a bit about what it is to be an RMO, the rotas, the pay (yes, I know you’re really curious about that), the life. So read on.

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