Revenue sharing

Netarhia is offering, as an extra, the opportunity to take part in our revenue sharing program. Why so? Because even if one might, perhaps, seek other goals when publishing here, we think it’s quite civilized and friendly that we offer this feature. Optionally. Should you want it. If you don’t, just ignore this section. Therefore please take this for what it is, a bonus, or just leave it altogether (i.e. don’t go on criticizing the percent etc.).

The way we do revenue sharing on Netarhia:

  • Netarhia displays Google Adsense ads, a system chosen out of many reasons we care not list here
  • The articles you publish on Netarhia will display this type of ads; 1 in 3 page displays will contain your ad. In other words, you earn about 33% out of the total income yielded by each of your articles.
  • This revenue sharing program is offered without any warranty, its terms may change at any time and it can be cancelled at any time, by either party involved.

How to toggle revenue sharing activation on Netarhia:

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