Replying is democracy

Netarhia offers a not-so-common replying system, which is only partly innovative, it’s more of a twist of things that are already there on the today’s web, and its originality gains substance expressly within the whole of Netarhia: a democratic, yet controlled platform dedicated to publishing content by multiple authors.

Put simply, feedback to what is being writen should not be limited to mere comments on the author’s page or linkbacks. Anyone possesing the interest, patience and dedication to approach the same topic, even using the reversed angle, should get the opportunity to express such thoughts in a perfectly egalitarian environment: such potential web author should be able to write a full scale reply on the same website, using the same tools, in the same conditions, with the same restrictions – the online democracy at its peak.

Authors get more responsible

As authors already know, comments on their writing are utterly controllable. This does not happen with replies! Namely, if someone gives you a pertinent reply as a full article, passing through Netarhia’s quality filters, well… deal with it, should such a reply be opposing your ideas  – since a reply is an article as any other, subjected to all respective rules, written  by another author, it goes outside the scope of your control. Of course, you may relpy to the reply to no end, until you’ll have a full scale debate on your hands.

In short, you should be aware that on Netarhia, other people’s opinions (whether you agree with them or not), expressed as replies to your writings, benefit from the exact same visibility within the system as your own writings. Therefore the need for responsible writing, running well founded ideas and information, just to avoid making a fool of yourself.

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