Religulous (2008) Review

Religulous is directed by the same fellow that did “Borat” and it’s co-authored and presented by Bill Maher, a Catholic-Jew crossbreed. What should we expect from such a mixture?

ReligulousYet another bitter “comedy” about our modern world, regarded as a final product of religions for the masses. The true genius of the movie resides in the critique of the religion of man, the actual metaphysics left aside, with divine (!) modesty, where it belongs: the ineffable realm of the “I don’t know.” If it would have given in to the usual atheistic crap, Religulous would have been crap itself. In turn, it achieves bitter magnificence.

Just as Heidegger said about Nietzsche that he was the greatest Christian he knew, so does Bill Maher become,  at the very end, perfectly compatible with the quintessential, ideal Christian. This is not ridiculous, if we remember that the first (and only) Christian died on the cross, and everything that followed was pretty much man-made circus, of the disgusting sort, lasting to this very day. Maher’s perspective is far more “religious” than any of the grotesque habits that claim this label for themselves.

This is an authentic movie. However, unsurprisingly, Judaism is sort of spared the big slapping the others get. Oh, well.

See it. Then realize that the final choice desperately suggested at the end is completely futile, because it involves humans.  Unfortunately, the mechanisms have been long set in motion and it’s just a matter of time, now.

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