Relevant people an RMO deals with

As an RMO you will deal with some special people:

  1. people from the RMO company that employs you; they are supposed to take care of you and be your best friends here, in the UK
  2. the RMOs you take over from and you turn over to when you finish your week
  3. the matron/clinical lead at the hospital you work at; she (or he)  will be your most direct liaison with the hospital
  4. the nurses at your hospital; they are key to your performance in that setting and you should always try to befriend them and listen to their advice
  5. the consultants; they are the top level professionals there and you’ll look after their patients when they are not there; they are the ones you will ask for guidance whenever one of their patients presents with issues that are beyond your competences as an RMO

All these people are important to you as you go through your daily work and weekly rotas. Next, I’ll tell you a few things about an RMOs actual duties.

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One thought on “Relevant people an RMO deals with

  1. Dear Paracelsus,
    i know i ‘m asking too much,but i would be deeply grateful if you could mention some of RMO ACTUAL duties.Thanks in advance

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