Recommendations for authors

If you’re a webmaster, this service can be very useful to you as a marketing instrument. If you are someone without special interest in the web business, but you feel like you want to be heard (read) without putting to much effort into organizing it, instead concentrating on what you actually need to say, this is also for you.

Therefore, in order to properly use this service to the fullest:

  • write quality content, use common sense, mind grammar
  • if you choose to advertise, do it smartly; tempt, don’t horrify. See Free advertising
  • don’t write a lot, uselessly: choose to write briefly and post useful content
  • read the Author’s Guide

We also have some technical recommendations:

  • avoid losing data: you may write your text offline, then paste it into our editor.
  • the editor supports pasting of ready-formatted content, such as formatted text from various word processors. Try it.
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