Pleasure delaying vs instant gratification

I’m tempted to say this can be reduced to the “old vs new” issue, but I know this is, in fact, only a quantitative thing. It’s not at all like the old generation was all for pleasure delaying and vehemently against instant gratification. As a matter of fact, it is the older generation that willingly devolved its taste towards instant gratification. This shift in taste is not an overnight invention of the very young, it’s just their heritage, what’s being left to them. It is our fault.

Postponing climax or reward, in everything, demands patience, skill, knowledge, vision. Genuine thirst. Experience. And the results are worthy. Instant gratification requires – claims, actually – nothing besides speed, and it operates, by its very nature, with heavy reliance on the external environment. This is why it numbs you, and why it tends to self perpetuate, faster and faster, taking you to the edge of your ability to accept reward. The only reason someone chooses instant gratification over pleasure delaying more often then they should, is because they don’t know better. Because nobody taught them.

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