Outworld – Warcry

Some high-quality prog metal right here, folks. The fun fact about this band, sadly extinct now, is that it incorporated two certified demons, a Texan on guitar, by the name of Rusty Cooley, and a demon from Brasil, known as Carlos Zema, seen here casually delivering the verses on a lofty D#/E in the 5th octave (a clear proof of his non-human nature), where not many of the best high singers dare venture except the for the climactic part of the song.

An amazing, if utterly over the top performance.

Dig the lyrics, too:

Here’s to the mindless
Vacant and spineless
Forever hollow, they follow and feign
Cheers to our leaders
Slick elevated zeros
Packaged and plastic, they dance for the herd
Here’s to your boxes
Your paradoxes
Grasping for freedom, you buy a shiny cage
Here’s to religion
A world built upon exclusion
Scarred by illusion, you’ll always obey
And as I walk through the filthy streets
Where all I loved has died
I’ll raise my voice here into the sky
Now hear my Warcry
Here’s to your progress
A mask on avarice
Here’s to you conscience, a weathered cliche
And as I walk through the filthy streets
Where all I loved has died
I’ll raise my voice here into the sky
Now hear my Warcry

2 thoughts on “Outworld – Warcry

  1. You should check out Carlos Zema’s new band IMMORTAL GUARDIAN based out of Austin, Texas… He now plays with an even more insane guitarist than Rusty Cooley! The 22 year old named Gabriel Guardian is already sponsored by Fender Guitars due to his unique ability of shredding guitar and keyboard AT THE SAME TIME!!! And their other lead guitarist Jyro Alejo has received recognition from Michael Angelo Batio on his impeccable technique. Check out these video links!


    1. These guys are pretty amazing, indeed!

      I like Zema’s timbre/tone more and more. He’s an amazing vocalist, no doubt.

      But I’m always a bit disappointed when amazingly proficient musicians like these elect to write music that’s so formulaic and overdone. Yes, it does sound good, but it gets boring quickly. They could definitely do more!

      I wouldn’t say these two guitarists are more insane than Rusty… he’s pretty insane 😉

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