Not too Bad, Being Stupid!

Argumentul final

They say it sucks to be stupid. No, it doesn’t. Nowadays it is simply fab. You’re vaccinated, you have food, health and a standard of life your grand-granddad couldn’t even dream of because he lacked even the terminology, therefore you enjoy the time and comfort to dispute the science of vaccines, to fool around with fantasy nutrition and alternative medicine, and to accuse any opinion different than yours of being perfidiously instilled by the New World Order people, who are after smart, well-meaning folk such as yourself.

Of course, none of this without God, Whom you’ve bought with your pictures, crucifixes, and other stuff you’ve invented, and now He will unfailingly take your side in every matter, you of all people.

Debating such a person is, inevitably, a trip in the tragicomic realm of logical fallacies, which quickly turns sour after the first turn.

Somehow, the stupid man’s (and woman, let’s be fair here) journey through history seems a demonstrable reality. I would not hazard the opinion that a contemporary idiot, somehow transported in the XIIth century, would become a genius there simply because he got massively educated in our time (more or less willingly). I’m pretty sure he would quickly shed his intellectual advantage, which he barely uses in his own time, predominantly to utter stupidities and drive his car (badly), and easily and painlessly become a genuine era-correct imbecile. There’s no way he’d turn into the genius among the idiots of the time. In other words, the modern idiot simply knows more stuff, because he’s got no choice. It’s an evolutionary imperative, nothing more.

There are three aggravating issues with stupidity: it’s not painful, it’s contagious, and proliferates amply during comfortable times.  To me, the latter is the most depressing. In times of peace, abundance, good living, instead of spending our time and energy to climb another step on the ladder of civilization, we have to bear witness to the remarkable multiplication of fools. Bloated, full-bellied fools.

The only consolation is the realization of the fluctuating nature of reality. The eternal ebb and flow. You can’t rise without falling, and you can’t fall without destruction – and for that you need a critical mass of stupid people. Natural selection has to work somehow, you’ve gotten way too comfortable. For your own good.

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