No more football

I used to love football, I still thoroughly enjoy the black&white footage of Garincha and Pele performing in Brazil’s golden team. I stopped loving it and watching it a long while ago. Today’s soccer is no longer a joyful game, but a multi-billion commercial machine, almost lacking any entertaining features, a meaningless and ugly venture on the green field as everyone knows everything being done is done purely for the money. The aura of (local) glory that’s being manufactured and thoroughly maintained around the teams is sickeningly phony. All the “entertainment” has moved into the pages of tabloids, that thrive on the football world’s petty scandals.

The movie you linked to is just a small (though very enlightening) bit of why I hate soccer, and gave up watching it all together. I lingered on for a while, but after the last World Cup, featuring a talent-filled, yet corrupt and apathetic Brazil, and that so obviously engineered Zidane stunt that got Italy the title, I can honestly say that watching football became bad for my mental health, so I gave it up.

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