Love and hate

There are only two ways of looking at things, two lenses: love and hatred. Craving and aversion, in Buddhist teachings. Indifference is not the middle ground, it is merely a way of not looking at things, and it’s mostly worse than either love, or hatred.

You must try and see everything through the lens of love, first. Sadly, if things still appear distorted, they sometimes look much better when seen through the bloody lens of hatred. But there are, really, very few things that require this. Most everyday mundane affairs (and these are what fills our lives, not big, heroic decisions or events) can be approached with love.

If it’s hard to give up hatred, I’m learning to love things I’m indifferent to, as much as I’d like to start hating them (in an indifferent sort of way).

Anger is one of the greatest evils one can inflict upon oneself. It obliterates the joy, it banishes peace. Anger is acid corroding the soul from the inside. It is the child of hatred. This fact alone should be enough to direct anyone to the path of love.

Love gets hurt, surely, inevitably. Love yields disappointment, but only if love expects things in return. Love opens right up the gates of the stronghold and leaves you naked. But the meekest feeling of love blasts anger away, and grants the soul peace. It is when the angry soul rids itself of this disease, that it truly sees the wasteland it chose to exile itself in.

I don’t like this or that, but I’ll love it by not getting angry at it, I’ll love it by looking at it, and not judging it, by saying “this is not for me, but perhaps it’s good for someone else.”

I dislike him or her, so I’ll give them love by being gentle towards them, and reward my love by allowing it to keep its distance.

I’ll do whatever it takes to cure the anger. Apparently, love is the only point-of-entry in this process.

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