What is an RMO?

RMO stands for Resident Medical Officer, which means, well, just what is says: the RMO is the doctor that actually lives inside the hospital, 24/7, and provides medical care for inpatients, outpatients and sometimes staff and visitors, as he is the primary emergency aid in that facility.

Which hospitals?

RMOs traditionally work in some private hospitals in the UK, which are required to have an RMO on the premises at all times, day and night, workdays, weekends and holidays. Usually, an RMO works in a surgical hospital, caring for patients undergoing operations, but there are some psychiatric hospitals also.

Can I do it?

Yes, if you’re a fully qualified doctor that has obtained at least full registration with the UK’s General Medical Council. These encompasses all stages you have to go through, depending on which country you are a citizen of and where you have completed your medical training.

About the author

I’m a Romanian doctor doing RMO work in the UK, and since I’ve gained some experience with it, I’ve decided to put it online so that some of you, my fellow doctors, may benefit from it. Therefore you’ll be reading the experiences, opinions and advice of one of your own.

Is RMO work worth it?

Yes. Read on.

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One thought on “Introduction

  1. thanks for your work in writing these articles. would love to know more about your work in a hospital, what exactly are you doing? maybe a usually day of yours as a rmo. thank you

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