32 thoughts on “I freakin’ hate Javascript!

  1. Gentlemen, it is a fact JS together HTML even HTML5 is do awful and there are specific reasons since these were born. Like it comes from many decades ago by the age of browsers war. JS went designed and implemented in about 2 weeks!!! incredible yeah the creator is a rock start but obviously by that time the cool things we handle today were only concepts and others even did not exist. HTML yes the markup language imitating Apples ‘innovation’ … yeah go go waste the bytes with that awful and not efficient notation….

    I dont want to say more I really hate this crap, and it is not because I dont understand its ‘closure’ please many languages have closure, C#, Java, etc… but the difference is that they use it better and are well designed.

  2. Loose (non-existant) types alone are a lose-lose for any large project.
    It means a variable can become a number, string, or object anywhere during runtime.

    The first problem this creates is performance: every single reference to a variable must also do a runtime check to see what type it is. That’s almost every single line of code.
    No compiler can optimize this away in advance, it can always change.

    The second problem is that no-typing makes JS a honey trap for human error. Because a variable’s type is never clearly known you can’t reliably refactor anything, or even be sure you’ve found the place where any given object is created.

    As a building material, Javascript is like mud and straw. It’s OK if you want to throw something up quickly, but if you’re trying to build a skyscraper it’s going to become an unmanageable mess.

    And that’s just ONE problem with Javascript. There are many more.

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