32 thoughts on “I freakin’ hate Javascript!

  1. Brendan, one of the best comments on Java crap, I could not agree with you more. I am not programmer but I hate Java scripts same way I hate mosquitoes and flies. Java terrorism should be expelled from Internet and public use of these moronic scripts prohibited for good. As an alternative solution, I would even vote for two physically separate Internets, one for Java addicts and one for free world. Java is pure L’art pour l’art-istic trash, visualization over functionality. IMHO, Java pride and Gay pride have some commonalities. As user, I strictly rely on Maone’s NoScript or I have Javascript disabled completely. Websites heavily dependant on Java I am just passing by.

  2. I’ve been developing in over a dozen languages for over 20 years now (assembler, c, c++, UX shell, awk, perl, php, vb, pl/sql etc…) and I’ve never been so frustrated with a language in all my life!
    I spent 2 months wading through new paradigm after new paradigm to get some (pretty simple) e2e tests automated using javascript! The asyncronous handling is the worst thing I’ve ever come across (and no … callback functions are not ‘cool’, they’re a bloody awful ‘hack’ which in 5 lines of code can easily leave you with a clusterf**k of unfollowable spaghetti code which makes the Gordian Knot look like childs play!).
    After 2 months of banging my head against a wall with this steaming pile of fetid cow vomit I switched to Java (a totally new language to me).
    Within 2 days of watching my first ever java tutorial, I’d re-written all my previous javascript tests, improved them massively and added a huge amount of ‘extras’. It makes sense, does what you think it’ll do and there’s usually loads of different ways to get things done. It’s great fun!
    Javascript just can’t be used like that. It doesn’t make sense, rarely does what you think it’ll do and you either do it ‘right’ or it’ll give you nothing. It’s a bottomless pit of despair and it’ll never be listed on my resume because I’d hate to get a job based on it.

  3. Thank You, ‘most sincerely’. I was beginning to think I was simply losing my mind. Albeit my background is principally in Math/Science, I’ve been programming since the late 80’s and for the most part, have always enjoyed it. That is… until JS! Webpage development in general is the most poorly conceived technology I have ever seen, no, strike that, could ever imagine. How could anything that does so very little be so incredibly overcomplicated.
    They’ve redesigned the paperclip, it doesn’t actually do anything in addition to what a traditional wire paperclip was capable of, but it takes a 1000 page manual to learn how to impliment and hour and a half to bind 5 sheets of paper together!

  4. @pluppus “How could anything that does so very little be so incredibly overcomplicated.”

    My thoughts exactly.

    I just recently took up programming and started out with PHP and I loved every part of learning the concepts and the syntax. I envisioned myself becoming a full-time web developer. Then the time came to pick up javascript… I’ve read the books, watched the tutorials, read the blogs and forums and STILL it looks like random stinking pile of worms every time I look at the code. Seriously, how can something that does that little, be so needlessly complicated and messy?

  5. I love all these “I am not a programmer but I still hate JS!” comments. Just goes to show how you people have absolutely no clue what you are talking about. Enjoy boiling with hatred. JavaScript is not going anywhere, deal with it šŸ˜€

  6. Silverlight if it was not a plugin. Oh my God, the Web would shine on the planet. This along with C# is a winner for the web, but Microsoft decided not to listen. Now where to turn? JavaScript? Absolutely not! I’d rather be a homeless than working in JavaScript

  7. Hope not to deal for too long. There’s a lot going on with Xamarin or TypeScript or whatever will come as a compiler to JS but believe me it will come. I would love all programmers that hate JS come to one place and rise their hands against this poor language.

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