32 thoughts on “I freakin’ hate Javascript!

  1. Totally agree. Taking an exam in it right now and wishing I was nailing my genitals to a board instead. Programming is great! Javascript is garbage that some sadist loosed on the world so that immoral programmers could get a taste of what their eternal afterlife would be like.

  2. I don’t even program in it and I hate it still, at random some page will just NOT load and take my cpu to 100%. There’s no browser I know of that that runs ANY page, and by any I mean big popular sites not something obscure.

  3. Okay, seriously… I hate JavaScript. The reason of that being it’s loosely typed and I get lost easily because of this.
    So instead of just
    var something;
    why can’t it allow me to do something like
    var something:Number;
    and save me from wasting so much time debugging?
    I absolutely hate JavaScript.

  4. @Indieinvader

    Seriously, stfu you parroting moron. You’ve been watching too many Crockford videos. Don’t insult Scheme by suggesting JavaScript is anything like it.

  5. Hell yeah! I found a place with people that understand me. To the author: I am in the same situation you were when you wrote this post. JavaScript is a crap amateur language. It might have been nice in the beginning of the W3, but nowadays we just need something much better. I know, I am radical. I am a C++ guy. I am tired to argue why JavaScript is a crap language. Now I just want to damn this language so I can feel myself better. I hate it so much. I gives me itches when people say it is OOP. No, it is not. Stop saying that, you are insulting C#, C++, Java… I am going to expose a radical concept of mine: software is serious stuff. So it demands a serious language used by serious professionals. Not just an evolution of a draft written by Brendan Eich 10 or 20 years ago. If you are going to adopt a language as a standard to the internet, please make it right and appropriate to our time. Not this crap for amateurs. A language should be productive, which DOES NOT MEAN EASY FOR EVERYONE TO LEARN. If you do not want to worry about the machine, memory, scope, resources, OO design and all that stuff, you should not develop software. It is so hard to maitain and it does not enforce a little bit the programmer to write good code. It is so hard to maintain large projects with this crap language.
    I didn’t mean to offend anyone. I am just mad. Sorry if someone got it wrong. And sorry for the english mistakes (not my native language).

  6. I am in my first programming class in college and we are doing javascript. I am trying to work on my final project right now and I want to blow my brains out. I freakin hate this language. I’d rather go to the beach and stick my face in the hot sand than use this crap anymore. Cant wait for this hell to be over with. Thank god this is the only programming class I have to endure.

  7. Yep 100% agree JS is horrible rubbish and such a waste of time.

    For those who keep banging on about ‘you need to use the language correctly …’ you are missing the point, with languages as great as C++ why have such rubbish as JS. Just throw JS in the bin and start again with something like C++ which we all agree is vastly superior.

  8. It’s an absolutely nightmarish excuse for a “language.” Totally despise coding it, debugging it, and, still, cross browser checking it. I’ve walked away from a lot of money to not deal with it.

    I can understand people needing to do it to live, but to hell with those who like it… you don’t know jack.

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