Fuck you, Microsoft

For better or worse, it has come to this. I used your operating systems because I had to – everyone was developing for your sick platforms. “You don’t like it? Switch to Linux.” I would, MS, I really would, if the other players would just develop the software I use for Linux. Till then I’m stuck with you. I even learned to love your idiosyncratic  way of doing things.

But it is now, when my high end computer (2.1 GHz dual-core processor, 3.5 GB of RAM) streaming HD internet video on a 22 MB/s pipe can’t play 1080p without choking, that I whole-heartedly issue “Fuck you, fuck you Microsoft, fuck you, you fucking piece of shit bastard company.” Fuck your fucked up DPC system, fuck your idiotic driver model, fuck everything about you that renders top-of-the-line hardware obsolete while still fresh from the assembly line. Fuck you. Fuck you, do you hear?

Not being able to enjoy Parisienne Walkways in its full splendour, at 1080p (later edit: not even 480p, consistently), in AD 2011, on Windows Vista, on proper broadband, is nothing short of sacrilege.

Fuck you very much, Microsoft. Fuck you.

PS: “it’s the browser, it’s the Flash plug-in, it’s YouTube itself”… Nope, it’s fucking Microsoft, let me assure you. I’ve studied it thorougly. It’s fucking Microsoft and the crap we get from them.

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16 thoughts on “Fuck you, Microsoft

  1. I know what you ean, just got a group of so called security updates from ballmers bastards and wouldn’t you know it the fuckers set my ie to msn as a default web page. FUCK YOU MICROSOFT. GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR ASS!

  2. Could not have said it better. Microsoft has shitty programmers and a shitty business model. How many times do we have to buy the same fucking program because the previous version sucked? We must be idiots. Bill Gates is not a computer geek or a visionary…he’s a fucking butt-plugger who sucks Ballmer’s balls. Fuck you Bill and tha MS whore you rode in on.

  3. Works fine on my notebook Dell Studio 15 Intel Core 2 Duo 2 Ghz, 3 Gb RAM…with Pinguy OS ! :D…at 1080 !

  4. I am so sick of it. I’m not a geek, just a guy who wants to turn on my computer and get online.
    It makes you think that everyone online wants to fuck your computer.
    Update, update, update update update update update update up date update update update.

    But when the updates crash your system there is nowhere to go or complain. Then you begin to realize that the biggest villians are the fucking people running the internet and supplying the software.

    Yes, this is abusive. Ban me. The users are idiots and don’t deserve the consideration of justice. If they don’t know how to dig into the crap on the internet they don’t deserve to be on the internet.

    Who the fuck needs the users anyway? Soon it will just be “get the users money then fuck ’em. They are just peasants anyway….”

  5. Microsoft is for lazy obese politicaly correct brain dead Americans whom are incapeable of critical thinking with desires of the computer to think for them. Have your pc built by a profeshional,or build your own which is what i do and be sure not to install Windoze Microcock on your hard drive! So many other open source=free & dependable operating systems by people whom desire quality software vs. ole vampire bill with his scary boyish charm whom only wants your wallet

  6. You said everything I have been saying but 100 more fuck you’s would have summed up what I think of Micrumsloft. OS 7 sucked so much I went back to XP but 7 somehow vhd’d my entire music collection off the second hard drive! How I do not know. 50 years of music, transferring vinyl and tape, and cannot find jack about how to open the bastard. I am so pissed. Never turned on a firewall, off went updates and “you are in danger turn it on turn it on!!!” says those warnings but it was they that screwed me and they was already in my PC. At my age a life sentence is not that long… Bill Gates:Stay outta my town… kill bill kill bill
    Oh yeah, it is like they don’t expect you to ever try to use a PC, just secure update patch tips and tricks to make your hard drive faster! REALLY? HOW? Shut it off?? huh? msconfig? dickchk, scanduck? illegal operation, encountered a problem? must close?

  7. Ok, Microsoft decides to write Operating System. It COPY-PASTES (steals) the CP/M! Proof: Gary Kildall speech.

    Ok, Microsoft decides to become successfull with its OS. It SIGNS NDA with IBM for exclusive rights and DUMPING PRICE (20$). Where concurrent, CP/M – the original OS, signs NDA with IBM to not be able to comment on situation as IBM suddenly starts selling his OS for 120$!!!! and then quits the contract. Several years later, Gary Kildall decides to talk the truth and is killed in the bar.

    Ok, Microsoft decides to become big company. It creates a TOTAL MONOPOLY by imposing own proprietary standards or extending and destroying existing ones or suing for patents.

    – WinAPI. Microsoft acknowledged its designed so quirky and complex, that developers don’t have time to work on other toolkits! Its also highly non-portable, only recent WINE project reverse-engineered it.

    – DirectX. Microsoft ONLY. OpenGL was left without attention. Patented.

    – Silverlight. Microsoft ONLY “Flash Replacement”. Patented.

    – JPEG XR. Microsoft ONLY “JPEG” “Standard”. Patented. Usage in open licenses disallowed. WebP from Google is much better and completely clean and free to use.

    – JAVA. Curious why windows XP did not have official Java VM from Sun, but MS Java VM?? Because MS decided to write OWN VM. Its not a problem. The problem is that they MODIFIED and EXTENDED own Java by OWN PROPRIETARY methods and hence made it incompatible. Multiplied by MS marketshare, it would mean after few years, ONLY MS VERSION will run java software. Original will not function. This strategy was ADVERTISED as “Embrace Expand, Extinguish” by MS ITSELF. Sun SUED MS and Won.

    – .Net and MONO. Microsoft ONLY “.Net” technology, patented. Created only because their Java overtake attempt FAILED. They financed MONO (Miguel Icasa was MS employee) which is protected from patents ONLY by “MS PROMISE”.. MONO itself lacks several components which are MS-only. This is a TICKING TIMEBOMB for Linux and other OSes.

    – OOXML. Microsoft has constantly changed its format and its extensions are proprietary MS-only, which is the reason this document format can break formating when edited on non-MSO programs.

    – Sabotaging firmware. Many of hardware microprograms(firmware) leave factory with wrong settings and holes which get corrected ONLY IN MS-DRIVERS. Hence any other OS, that follows the specifications will CRASH and be UNSTABLE due to faulty firmware. Google “ACPI is a complete design disaster in every way”

    – Drivers. Microsoft signed agreements with Nvidia and AMD to prevent issuing driver improvements prior to them being available in Windows.

    – Hardware Vendor Support. Microsoft has NDA for manufacturers to support windows, or get NO PRICE DISCOUNTS. Granted its huge marketshare, no manufacturer risks to disobey, because they will instantly loose due to high prices.

    – Bullcraping Sales people. MS has bullcraped sales people to recommend only windows. Google for “Microsoft ExpertZone Anti-Linux”

    – Issuing marketing FUD. Already in 1999 MS has posted FUD claiming Linux is slower. Quote: “Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0 is 2.5 times faster than Linux as a file server and 3.7 times faster as a Web Server”

    – Suing and FUDing competition. Recently MS has sued a LOT of vendors, providing other OSes claiming they use MS technologies. Google Amdocs.

    – Destroying prominent company by falsifying information, destroying its portfolio, replacing its products, shrinking its marketshare from 45% to 5% over TWO YEARS. One word – Nokia. Other word – “LG microsoft failure”

    – Imploying platform-wide LOCK to hinder and limit usage of other OS on Personal Computers and advertise it as advantage. Apparently the developers found a way, but to get the SIGN KEY, one MUST USE A NONSENSE SILVERLIGHT-BASED upload module, WHICH IS WINDOWS ONLY. Google for Secure Boot.

    – Posting FUD to destroy other OSes. Microsoft has tried to FUD developers of WebOS – free operating system from HP to gain them to develop its shitty Windoze Mobile. Google “MS WebOS”.

    – Calling openly developed kernel as Cancer. Steve Ballmer, MS CEO :”Linux is a cancer that attaches itself in an intellectual property sense to everything it touches”

    The list is NOT COMPLETE, but it is crystal clear – it is a company that has MONOPOLY 99% PREINSTALL ON ANY PC SINCE 1983 MSDOS, THAT SHITS ON STANDARDS and LOBBIES OWN-ONLY “STANDARDS”, THAT DID NOTHING FOR DEVELOPMENT OUTSIDE, THAT SUES *ANYONE* WHO THINKS DIFFERENT OR DECIDES TO NOT MESS WITH THEM. A company that puts shit it your mouth, gathers your money and shits on your opinion!

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