Fuck you, Microsoft

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16 thoughts on “Fuck you, Microsoft

  1. There isn’t enough space on a 100 TB hard drive to hold all the reasons as to why Microsoft is a piece of shit which we are forced to use because our government seems to have forgotten what a monopoly is or they don’t have the balls to do anything about it. FUCK MICROSOFT and our government for allowing them to carry on with all their bullshit.

  2. Now it goes one better. Not only is Windoze 10 basically spyware wrapped in an operating system, Microsloth has the balls to automatically download Win10 on your Win7 computer, even if you didn’t “reserve” a copy of it, and don’t want that piece of shit! That’s killing people’s bandwidth, particularly those with limited monthly data plans (fortunately I’m not one of them, but still…). How fucking presumptuous can you be? How fucking arrogant? Win7 will still be supported for 4-1/2 more years. I got sick of Micro$oft with Win8, and I refuse to run Win10. Flat out refuse.

    I have 3 computers. My XP machine was converted completely over to Lubuntu. I set my primary desktop and laptop to dual boot Linux Mint/Cinnamon with Win7. I run Linux 90+ percent of the time. And I purposely never connect to the Internet anymore under Windoze, only under Linux. I’ve had it up to here with MS and their bullshit. Can’t wait until I’m financially able to get out of software development (yes, using Microsloth tools for over 20 years) so I never have to run their shit software again. Just a few more years….

  3. I get a total fuck around just by trying to use Microsoft as a home page.
    After jumping through all the hoops to answer personal questions that you don’t need, I get a fucking page that tells me they are out of service.

    Hey, Microsoft………FUCK YOU, I know I’m just a low life to you but my time is worth something to me. So, I repeat…..FUCK YOU!!

  4. THis is why people move away from Microsoft. I just want to log into my new computer. you fuckheads Microsoft. Make everything a pain in the ass!

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