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Yes, you are able to advertise for free by writing on Netarhia. Your ad is made of rel=”nofollow”-free links, with text that you choose, placed within a context that you write. Call it advertorial or call it whatever. This is the future of online advertising, if you ask us. The majority of internet users are already ad-blind to most of the other forms of online advertising.

You may even place banners or other ad images inside your article, within the boundaries of common sense (crossing those boundaries will be swiftly punished). The content you produce in this way could be(if the administrators sense it and there’s a strong commercial scent to the article) flagged as sdvertising, discreetly but visibly, so that visitors know what to expect.

The site you advertise must not display unacceptable content.

Let us offer a few tips on this way of advertising, inherently related to the quality of what you may publish on Netarhia, which in turn decides if stuff you publish remains online or not:

  • WRITE AS IF YOU ARE NOT ADVERTISING. If you manage that, you just managed to achieve the best advertising possible. The following are merely technical pointers to help you reach this goal.
  • Write as if you were writing on your own website, putting links to your site in all the key-points, obviously.
  • Create interest, maintain it, offer partial resolution, then finish it all in a link to your site.
  • Only write about what you know/understand best, about what you write frequently on your own website.
  • Avoid at all cost the difference between what you write/advertise here and what the visitor finds upon arriving on your website.
  • DO NOT dilute/pollute content with too many or too different topics. If you write about computer hardware, in which article you advertise your own computer hardware review blog, do not write about tens of computer parts with tens of links to your site.
  • DO NOT write about your site! Write about your subjects, the ones you write about on your website, and offer yourself some nice links in some great context. For any visitor, there’s a huge difference between “come see our site, we know everything about computers” (good-bye) and “the AMD Phenom hardware platform, [link]recently launched[/link]” (let’s see!).
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