1. Why would I write stuff on your website?

Because: Free advertising. If not, just because you can freely spread your ideas, critiques etc.. If not, don’t. No worries.

2. I’m a webmaster, writing to promote my website. You got PR 0. What gives?

Think again. Harder.

3. Why is there a minimum of characters per article?!

If you just want to throw a link on some site, take your pick from the infinity of web directories out there or risk it on some forums. If you want to be special, insert that link within a minimum of relevant content, of superior quality, in a place that not only does not forbid you to advertise, but even encourages it as long as it’s done in a civilized fashion. What more do you want?

4. “Why quality content? Got this, sell that, [link] should be enough”

See above. Quality content creates a win-win-win-win (!) situation:1) our visitor wins, obviously, 2) you win (because you got yourself some good links and some user visits from us), 3) we win and 4) search engines win, because they look for useful, quality information and are utterly fed up with irrelevant, useless and context-less bits and pieces of information.

5. FAQ, too

Use the comments below to post your own question. Those most frequent/useful/smart questions will be promoted to the list above. Don’t be shy, we’re here for you.

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