The editorialist

The editorialist is that special author that gained the right to have his/her articles posted on Netarhia’s homepage, as excerpts and as links in specific categories (“Top authors”, “Best”, “Most read” etc.).

Becoming editorialist

Write a minimum of 10 quality articles (we mean “quality” other than the quality of not being bad enough to be banned). Upon seeing such marvelous thing, one of the administrators, filled with sentiments of joy and respect will press a button, which in turn will set some bits and you’ll be promoted to the editorialist status. This is the democratic way, for those that need to convince. For selected writers, proving their quality and, more importantly, their common sense end character, so that we’ll be certain they will not abuse the system, there is the fast-track: editorialist after first article, if so requested. But don’t put your hpoes on the fast-track pathway…

Falling from grace

If, after achieving the noble status of editorialist, you get the need to go beserk so as to fill our first page with silly junk, things become badly wrong. It will “good-bye” for you. Honestly, I shouldn’t think there exists such a useless person as to be capable of going through this.

Keep on writing! Cheers!

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