Democracy fails

It’s not like it ever had a chance. The only way democracy would have stood a chance, ever, was if people really knew what was good for them. That’s obviously not the case, since it entails a solid education, a degree of selfishness, and a lot of patience.

Ten men

Take ten mature men (and/or women, if you prefer), of all intelligence levels, and from all walks of life. In short, amass ten ordinary folks. Now say one of them is absolutely brilliant, a genius. Two of them are very smart, hard-working, with a good grip on reality. Two others are just hard-working, physically strong individuals, decent folk that enjoy life for what it is. The other five of them dislike any kind of work, are rather dim and gullible, often vile and usually discontent, in constant need of guidance (that they normally ignore anyway).

Now tell these folks that they should stop going about their business as usual, renounce the natural dynamics of such a group, and start a democracy. Tell them that they are all so significant for the well-being of their newly founded society, that they all should have an equally significant say in the matter of  selecting the one that should lead them all. You instantly get a lot of happy, cheery, proud folks.

They then go ahead and have their say, by voting. As an added bonus, tell them they can vote secretly. The genius refuses to engage in such fishy activities, and quickly devises a long term survival plan he tells no one about, then he’s nowhere to be found anymore. The two very smart guys vote for for themselves, obviously against each other. One of the hard-workers votes for one of those above-mentioned two, the other votes for himself, thankful for the secret nature of the vote.

Those other five quarrel for a while, as one tries to enforce his opinions on the others, two others are paranoid about their votes not being really secret, and two offer to vote for whomever gives them some food and beer right now. Finally, three of them go ahead and vote for the fourth, the big-mouth spreading his personal views vehemently. The last gets killed in a brief fight over some food and beer that big-mouth also threw in the deal. Obviously, “big mouth” votes for himself.

Final results:

Big-mouth: 4 votes (50%)

Smart guy no. 1: 2 votes (25%)

Smart guy no. 2: 1 vote (12.5%)

Not-so-brilliant-but-honest-and-hard-working-though-aparently-aspiring-to-become-more-than-he-is guy: 1 vote, his own (12.5%)

Absenteeism: 20% (with the runaway genius moving on to offer his services to a high paying pharmaceutical industry mogul, and one dead chap nobody really cares about)

Big-mouth wins. Landslide victory. Democracy at its best.

There you have it

Regardless what they told you and what they’re going to tell you still, that’s all there is to democracy: an idiot ruling eight losers. The rest is bull, and you now know it.

Oh, the other “democracy”, the idealistic doctrine they tempt you with, the one involving people that know what’s good for them, well, true, that’s not a failure, not at all. Because it doesn’t exist.

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