Affects everything around us, us. There used to be moments I could not escape the feeling that we ‘re racing on the downward spiral at full speed. Now the sensation is almost uninterrupted. Everywhere I look, all around, I see the signs of it.

It is as if we were about to become a great race at some point, then everything began to crumble or, rather, melt down. I can’t look at the greatest buildings of this world without instantly remembering the hunger that still ravages most of my fellow men. I am unable to enjoy all the benefits of this so called civilization without realizing that progress only improved our personal hygiene, really. We’re still the same beasts we were centuries ago.

We still kill each other, we lie, and steal, and cheat just like we always did. We delude ourselves with all the new dreams technology has brought about. We no longer seem to really believe in anything, and those that do cannot be told from lunatics anymore. We have abandoned myths and stories, thinking we were getting smarter, but we only switched the old for the new ones, that lack sadly the beauty and mystery of the ancient.

We’ve come to trust nothing but our own devise, and seem quite happy with the little things we’ve invented, and waste our (not so) precious (anymore) lives with. We’ve lost the grip and the big picture, lost in a dark see of global communication we’ve mistaken for destiny. Like parentless children, we are lost.

Vast wastelands of cityscape inhabited by skilfully (self)programmed robots, along with immense green and yellow, and white territories under the sun, where being alive means nothing more than not starving to death. Having things, possessing nothings, knowing the useless, doing everything possible to bury that tragic cry growing in the depths like a personal monster. Slowly, we fade.

I’m not even sure we’re degenerating, it may only be that we’ve failed to evolve.

Or maybe it’s just me.

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