We thank ourselves

Netarhia was built entirely from the ground up, using exclusively free sofware, mostly open source, with considerable effort that deserves our most warm thanks and gratitude.


Netarhia integrates some great third-party modules, most of them open source, for which we’d like to thank the authors for the tremendous work they must have put down. Netarhia uses:

  1. the absolutely fabulous WYSIWYG TinyMCE editor, courtesy of Moxiecode
  2. CodeMirrror, a very robust code editor using syntax highlighting
  3. the awesome Javascript libraries
  4. the quite effective Akismet antispam filters, together with PHP5 Akismet Class


Aside original graphics, Netarhia uses other free graphics such as the FamFamFam and Sweetie icon sets.


All coding was done using the very inexpensive (free, actually) Notepad++.

Graphics dealt with using Serif PhotoPlus 6, fantastically free. After amassing a fabulos fortune through project Netarhia, we’ll definitely spent $9,99 on version 8 of PhotoPlus, because it has “Astounding 3D Lighting and Surface Effects” and “Instant Artist Painting Effects”. Wow! We’ll design a much more web 2.0-ish logo in no time.

For image viewing and minimal processing we settled for FastStone Image Viewer, which should not be free, that’s how good it is.


Most of the concept, ideology and motivation provided by Sicovitol, the man that did so much for Netarhia without actually working on anything.

Thanks to all of you that are going to write useful and beautiful things on Netarhia, and thank you for your patience, also.

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