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News intoxication

No one knows it better than the sufferer, the recovering sick man I speak for.

reddit, digg it, fave it, share it, tweet it, blog it, ping it, track it back, IM it, mail it. Track it, don’t let it slip. Scan both ways, hunt it high & low, stay informed, breath it in, fill yourself up.

Is it raining? Sunny skies? Millennia? Has it been millennia?! No matter, where was I? Ah, yes! digg it, reddit, blog it, tweet it! Nothing, on nothing, a rich lady whore, an imbecile cop, a thousand corrupt politicians, two dead, four explosions, a hundred wounded, Huffington Post, a singing whore, iPod, the new iPod, meme, Techmeme, boing2, red carpet, Bond, aggregator, the lich king!! Two hundred thousand corrupt politicians, oil, Amazon, green, eco, Prius, RSS, puppies,  chihuahua, high velocity projectiles, Python, web 2.0, Google, “I love you”, choose payment method.

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Democracy fails

It’s not like it ever had a chance. The only way democracy would have stood a chance, ever, was if people really knew what was good for them. That’s obviously not the case, since it entails a solid education, a degree of selfishness, and a lot of patience.

Ten men

Take ten mature men (and/or women, if you prefer), of all intelligence levels, and from all walks of life. In short, amass ten ordinary folks. Now say one of them is absolutely brilliant, a genius. Two of them are very smart, hard-working, with a good grip on reality. Two others are just hard-working, physically strong individuals, decent folk that enjoy life for what it is. The other five of them dislike any kind of work, are rather dim and gullible, often vile and usually discontent, in constant need of guidance (that they normally ignore anyway).

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My worst enemy

A moment of realization is worth a thousand prayers. Mickey Knox

Is, quite obviously, myself.  I’m not alone in this, when I say “I”, maybe you should read “you” or “we”.

The things I do(n’t do)

I don’t appreciate what I have, and often think I could be better off. I keep overlooking the beauty of each passing moment, and always expect more. I’m trying to live in the future, as a way of avoiding the present.

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RSS fluxes

Per author RSS flux

On Netarhia, each author has his/her own personal RSS flux, containing only his/her writings. Just an extra-feature for better exposure, does not require any tweaking or particular attention on your side.

Global RSS flux: Netarhia Hyperflux

It is the flux containing all writings on Netarhia, by all authors. Just the same, you need not worry about it, it’s automatically generated.

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Article management


Obviously, you won’t be able to create, publish/unpublish, edit, delete or group articles, unless you are connected to the system. So register an account, or login if you’re already registered.

Creating a new article

  • simply click “[Write]” in the main menu or anywhere you are invited to write stuff


  • click “Write a reply!” or other similar links you may find, to post a full scale reply to the article you’ve just read

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Comments to your articles

As you’re already accustomed on the world wide web, nowadays pretty much everything can (and will) be commented on, on the same medium, and you writings are no exception. The good news is that you have total control over comments on your works and over visitors that post those comments on your Netarhia writings. Comments on your articles and books, and even on your profile are enabled by default.

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Replying is democracy

Netarhia offers a not-so-common replying system, which is only partly innovative, it’s more of a twist of things that are already there on the today’s web, and its originality gains substance expressly within the whole of Netarhia: a democratic, yet controlled platform dedicated to publishing content by multiple authors.

Put simply, feedback to what is being writen should not be limited to mere comments on the author’s page or linkbacks. Anyone possesing the interest, patience and dedication to approach the same topic, even using the reversed angle, should get the opportunity to express such thoughts in a perfectly egalitarian environment: such potential web author should be able to write a full scale reply on the same website, using the same tools, in the same conditions, with the same restrictions – the online democracy at its peak.

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Short version

Those funny looking comments you may find on your pages, with the author having a small icon to the left, those are pingbacks. You’re able to moderate them just like you would any ordinary comments.

After you’ve published an article, just hit “Ping!” in the article admin interface. Have no fear. That’ll just send pings to all links in your article (actually, to certain pages of all servers hosting content that you have linked to, but stop… this is the “short version”, after all).

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The editorialist

The editorialist is that special author that gained the right to have his/her articles posted on Netarhia’s homepage, as excerpts and as links in specific categories (“Top authors”, “Best”, “Most read” etc.).

Becoming editorialist

Write a minimum of 10 quality articles (we mean “quality” other than the quality of not being bad enough to be banned). Upon seeing such marvelous thing, one of the administrators, filled with sentiments of joy and respect will press a button, which in turn will set some bits and you’ll be promoted to the editorialist status. This is the democratic way, for those that need to convince. For selected writers, proving their quality and, more importantly, their common sense end character, so that we’ll be certain they will not abuse the system, there is the fast-track: editorialist after first article, if so requested. But don’t put your hpoes on the fast-track pathway…

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1. Why would I write stuff on your website?

Because: Free advertising. If not, just because you can freely spread your ideas, critiques etc.. If not, don’t. No worries.

2. I’m a webmaster, writing to promote my website. You got PR 0. What gives?

Think again. Harder.

3. Why is there a minimum of characters per article?!

If you just want to throw a link on some site, take your pick from the infinity of web directories out there or risk it on some forums. If you want to be special, insert that link within a minimum of relevant content, of superior quality, in a place that not only does not forbid you to advertise, but even encourages it as long as it’s done in a civilized fashion. What more do you want?

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