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Samsara (2006) Review

Samsara is a movie filled with beauty, in all its aspects, deep and wide, so make sure to watch it with your spirit, because your eyes are guaranteed satisfaction anyway.

Samsara: Satisfy One Thousand Desires or Conquer Just OneThis is the first Tibetan movie I’ve ever seen. And it blew me away. Samsara is pure art, there is not much point in discussing the cast or the story. However, regarding the story, I think Westerners are prone to overlook an aspect that actually has paramount importance. This happens if the viewer ignores the main character’s starting predicament in the epic line, and lets themselves quickly become captivated by, an tangled in, the love and life story that follows.

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The Wrestler (2008) Review

The Wrestler PosterRagged glory — words that best describe The Wrestler. The magnificent showcase of it by Darren Aronofsky (Pi, Requiem for a Dream) makes this film special, within the realm of all things so ugly that they cross-over into beauty territory.

The real America, the America that may conjure up feelings of nausea or fascination with equal ease. Wrestling, the grotesque monkey-like behavior on which the filmmaker focuses his lens: even this requires effort and sacrifice, so to speak. The genius of the film lies precisely within this subliminal, continuous utterance of “so to speak.”

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Religulous (2008) Review

Religulous is directed by the same fellow that did “Borat” and it’s co-authored and presented by Bill Maher, a Catholic-Jew crossbreed. What should we expect from such a mixture?

ReligulousYet another bitter “comedy” about our modern world, regarded as a final product of religions for the masses. The true genius of the movie resides in the critique of the religion of man, the actual metaphysics left aside, with divine (!) modesty, where it belongs: the ineffable realm of the “I don’t know.” If it would have given in to the usual atheistic crap, Religulous would have been crap itself. In turn, it achieves bitter magnificence.

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Zeitgeist Addendum (2008) Review

Controversial, this one, as was to be expected. The Google Page Rank of 5 for the movie’s website proves that it at least got a lot of people talking about it, one way or another. Here are some, potentially useful, opinions on it.

Failure of epistemology

And when that fails, you find yourself in the impossibility of actually knowing anything. I won’t extensively discuss the causes of such failure, I’m just going to say that the world (and society) we live in right now is one that tries its very best to ensure that nothing is to be truly known, or certain, or trusted fully by anyone. And succeeds in this attempt, at least with regard to certain, sensitive, areas. The means used to achieve this are actually very simple, and they’ve been around since the dawn of propaganda. Simply put, certain views and opinions are systematically rendered invalid (or laughable or propagandistic – see the irony here?) before allowing any valid and thorough judgement to take place. Judgement (in the sense of critical thinking) itself is systematically discouraged in favor of blind beliefs in systems and individuals, beliefs that are no less primitive than any primitive form of worship.

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