Diabetes and over 50? Be aware of a Silent Heart Attack

Dr. Bimal Chhajer in his book “Heart Attack” writes about a diabetic male patient, 55 years old, who noticed some breathlessness on the way to his office. After consulting his physician and routinely passing the ECG exam, it showed that he was just experiencing a silent heart attack. In such moments every second counts, so he was rushed in the emergency room immediately.

With the USA being on the third place in the world in the top countries of patients with diabetes, there’s no doubt that a specific attitude must be approached when we speak about the silent myocardial infarctions in these patients. The chances of experiencing a heart attack in a diabetic sufferer increases with the age, because of the ┬ácapillary damage, and The chances of it developping without any symptoms increases as the nerves become damaged, too.

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