Web 2.0 doesn’t exist

Well, the expression exists. There it is: “Web 2.0”. But as a concept, it’s almost like talking about “Onion 2.0” just because you now do pickles differently.

I remember Andrew Keen and his position regarding this phenomena. His criticism is totally valid as long as you start with assuming that “Web 2.0” actually exists. The name itself invokes criticism. Put aside this assumption and you’ll find yourself actually talking about criticizing large scale mediocrity and large scale deification of mediocrity,  which is historically unprecedented.

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I freakin’ hate Javascript!

Wait, I actually freakin’ loathe it! And since I’m currently and unintentionally involved in a big project demanding JS, all my old hatred shall spill in this post. That or I’ll just go out in the streets screaming like a lunatic.

I’ve worked with most of the great languages, loved some, liked some, disliked some, but Javascript – now there’s an absolutely horrific story of hate at first sight. Never in my entire programming career have I come so close to smashing the computer and/or my own head than when I had to deal with prodigious complexity in Javascript.

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The Wrestler (2008) Review

The Wrestler PosterRagged glory — words that best describe The Wrestler. The magnificent showcase of it by Darren Aronofsky (Pi, Requiem for a Dream) makes this film special, within the realm of all things so ugly that they cross-over into beauty territory.

The real America, the America that may conjure up feelings of nausea or fascination with equal ease. Wrestling, the grotesque monkey-like behavior on which the filmmaker focuses his lens: even this requires effort and sacrifice, so to speak. The genius of the film lies precisely within this subliminal, continuous utterance of “so to speak.”

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The Ultimate Weight Loss Plan

Lose weight? Nothing to it!

Well, then. You finally admitted to yourself that you might have a slight weight problem. Meaning you’re just a tad overweight. No too much, obviously. OK, maybe too much. Anyway, you’ve become aware that it’s no longer cool to just ignore the fact that the your clothes don’t fit anymore and others call you names. Like “fatty”.

You’ve got to thinking and admitted that this is actually a disease, can be compared to heart failure or cancer. Well, you’ve come to the right place! You’re about to find out about the easiest, most comfortable, dare I say pleasurable, weight loss plan out there!

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Religulous (2008) Review

Religulous is directed by the same fellow that did “Borat” and it’s co-authored and presented by Bill Maher, a Catholic-Jew crossbreed. What should we expect from such a mixture?

ReligulousYet another bitter “comedy” about our modern world, regarded as a final product of religions for the masses. The true genius of the movie resides in the critique of the religion of man, the actual metaphysics left aside, with divine (!) modesty, where it belongs: the ineffable realm of the “I don’t know.” If it would have given in to the usual atheistic crap, Religulous would have been crap itself. In turn, it achieves bitter magnificence.

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Zeitgeist Addendum (2008) Review

Controversial, this one, as was to be expected. The Google Page Rank of 5 for the movie’s website proves that it at least got a lot of people talking about it, one way or another. Here are some, potentially useful, opinions on it.

Failure of epistemology

And when that fails, you find yourself in the impossibility of actually knowing anything. I won’t extensively discuss the causes of such failure, I’m just going to say that the world (and society) we live in right now is one that tries its very best to ensure that nothing is to be truly known, or certain, or trusted fully by anyone. And succeeds in this attempt, at least with regard to certain, sensitive, areas. The means used to achieve this are actually very simple, and they’ve been around since the dawn of propaganda. Simply put, certain views and opinions are systematically rendered invalid (or laughable or propagandistic – see the irony here?) before allowing any valid and thorough judgement to take place. Judgement (in the sense of critical thinking) itself is systematically discouraged in favor of blind beliefs in systems and individuals, beliefs that are no less primitive than any primitive form of worship.

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RMO recruiting companies

There are a lot of them, since this seems to be quite a big market. A simple Google search will reveal the better known.

Anyway, here’s what you should look for in such a company (beyond commitment, seriousness, professionalism obviously):

  1. are they taking an at least mild personal interest in your future well-being as an RMO for them? Meaning: are they going to try to go the extra distance to make your life easier, will they really care if you miss your plane back home and try to prevent that the next time?
  2. will they pay some travelling expenses? Do they cover other expenses? Are they able to deal with the GMC properly in your behalf? Or to the Home Office?
  3. will they sweeten the contract with a nice completion bonus?
  4. do they include holiday pay?
  5. do they include penalties for premature ending of your contract (they should not)?

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RMO in the UK

As I’ve explained in the previous chapter, the Resident Medical Officer is that doctor that actually lives within a  private UK hospital, 24/7, amounting to a total of 168 work hours per week.

In order to be able to work over the 40 hours week regulation, he/she would have to renounce that particular right and have his/her time off in separate, free weeks.

Most of the doctors currently employed as RMOs are from outside the UK. Traditionally, the South African doctors are the ones filling this posts, having the great advantage of English as their second language. Recruiting companies are also employing doctors from Europe, nowadays a lot of the doctors come from Greece, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, and more recently Romania and Bulgaria. In fact, any doctor that holds full GMC registration is able to undertake RMO work.

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Relevant people an RMO deals with

As an RMO you will deal with some special people:

  1. people from the RMO company that employs you; they are supposed to take care of you and be your best friends here, in the UK
  2. the RMOs you take over from and you turn over to when you finish your week
  3. the matron/clinical lead at the hospital you work at; she (or he)  will be your most direct liaison with the hospital
  4. the nurses at your hospital; they are key to your performance in that setting and you should always try to befriend them and listen to their advice
  5. the consultants; they are the top level professionals there and you’ll look after their patients when they are not there; they are the ones you will ask for guidance whenever one of their patients presents with issues that are beyond your competences as an RMO

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RMO pay and salary

This varies with the hospital you work at, but you would typically be paid about £1500-£1700 per week worked, before tax and National Insurance (NI).

After tax and NI you would be left with something between £1100-£1200 per week worked. Assuming you work a two weeks on – one week off rota, you would work three weeks per calendar month, so you will earn an after tax average of about £3300-£3600 per calendar month in which you work three weeks. This would be the equivalent of 4000-4500 Euro. Notably, you can calculate that your hourly rate is about £7, which is actually very low for a physician. So you are not well payed, you earn a lot because you amount a lot of hours. Also, rest assured: you definitely won’t actually work for 24 hours a day.

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