Article management


Obviously, you won’t be able to create, publish/unpublish, edit, delete or group articles, unless you are connected to the system. So register an account, or login if you’re already registered.

Creating a new article

  • simply click “[Write]” in the main menu or anywhere you are invited to write stuff


  • click “Write a reply!” or other similar links you may find, to post a full scale reply to the article you’ve just read

Browsing and operation

Your start page on Netarhia is like Browse through all your articles while logged in to the system and you’ll find that each of your articles has got a group of pretty self-explanatory action buttons, allowing you to edit, publish or unpublish, delete the article, as well as some buttons allowing for article-level comment and linkback settings. Furthermore, you’ll find a control allowing you to put any article within a book, or to remove it from one.

Be careful about deleting articles! Once deleted, they cannot be recovered. Never. Never-ever.


Instead of browsing for a long time in search for one of your articles, simply use the built-in search function as you are logged in, and you’ll be able to administer your writings directly from the search results list. Take advantage!

Comment moderation

It is simple and article-level based. You may delete any comments and even ban undesired visitors, by IP! Aksimet will be your spam watchdog.

Note that both comment deletion and user IP banning are irreversible (the IP ban you place on any visitor can only be lifted by an administrator, so pay attention).

Also note that the IP ban goes for all your articles, so that particular IP won’t be able to post comments/linkbacks to any of your writings!


Grouping articles into books can be a more functional concept than using “categories”. The main advantage of such approach is given by the opportunity to arrange articles as chapters in a book, in any order you like, as opposed to having them sorted by publishing date.

Books can also be renamed, deleted, unpublished and even commented. They won’t accept/send linkbacks, though.

To create a new book, simply go to while logged in and follow those simple instructions and steps.

To reorder chapters in a book, simply go to that page while logged in and use the drag-n-drop approach. That simple.

General interface

As you may have noticed (and wondered), Netarhia doesn’t have a clasic administration front-end for authors, you can manage your writings in a much more intuitive and simpler fashion, using the very interface of the website, on which special administrative controls are planted when you are logged in. You’re definitely smart, you’ll manage . Contact us if you don’t, for help or suggestions. We’ll be grateful for your interest.

Happy writing!

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