About Netarhia

Netarhia is the place to write and publish on the web

Hassle-free web publishing. Subscribe, log in, write, publish, communicate. As simple as that. Get to work »

Netarhia is a natively multi-user platform optimized for online content generation, acquisition, annotation, dissemination and enrichment.


Netarhia is an alternative blogging platform

Netarhia is an alternative platform for blog publishing , supporting multiple, distinct users. There is strength in numbers.

Netarhia was engineered as a multi-user system from the very beginning. Some advantages of writing on Netarhia as a free bloghost are placing your writings as pages in the website’s root, total control over comments (obviously) and commentators – you’ll be able to IP-ban whomever annoys you.


Netarhia promotes you

You’re able to advertise on Netarhia, writing about your website or products, as much as you like. Free advertising »

Self promotion feast: your words, your links, your context.


Netarhia helps you earn money

Revenue sharing. You get a slice of the advertising income on Netarhia. Revenue sharing »

Not much, still better than nothing. And it’s a bonus.


Netarhia is a community of writings

More than a community of writers, Netarhia is a community of writings. As a member, you have all possible privileges.

The right to anonimity on the web is guaranteed for all members. All members have the right to remain anonymous and may only be contacted by other members, via the system. Netarhia is a “dictatorship of the net”, in which good writings are the governing factor. This community revolves around what is being written, not pictures, friend lists or silly messages.

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