A good man for ten wise men

I’ll happily trade you ten wise men for a good man. The world doesn’t lack brains. Mental brilliance is all over the place,  in unprecedented supply. The world lacks plain old goodness. Good old fashioned good nature.

Wise men got us where we are now, and we’re not in the nicest of places. With war raging on and people dying like flies: of the least likely reasons, such as starvation. Wise men cannot cure cancer. They can’t cure hunger. Their brand of comfort is the comfort of the big, bright, and cold billboard. They should be able to, but they can’t. Because most of them are not good men. Sure, they may think they are, but that’s irrelevant.

So, for the world I’m building, I’ll trade you ten wise men for one good man, any day. I’ll make my good man wise, that’s not an issue, good luck with your ten tricksters.

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